FROG3D® vs. Alternative Technologies

When looking to automate and expand fabrication processes, the technological options can be broken down into three camps.  Businesses can invest in a FROG3D® System, which provides integrated 3D CNC fabrication abilities, a robot, or a 3D printer. Which direction you chose to go requires a thorough understanding of the different technologies and how they play out in actual fact.

Regardless of industry or specialty, there are some basic considerations that have a major impact on what benefits companies will derive from any given technology:

PRODUCTION SPEED: How fast does the technology actually run when producing high-quality work?

PROJECT SIZE: What are the limitations and challenges with completing projects of different sizes?

COMPATIBLE MATERIALS: What materials work with the technology and how does this impact costs?

Comparing these variables across different technologies is an important process, not only because it draws attention to numerous red flags that are often overlooked, but also because it helps to shine a light as to how these technologies will perform in real world situations.

In part one of our in-depth review we’ve put FROG3D® technology head to head with industry leading robots and 3D printers. Drawing from spec sheets, independent studies, and numerous industry experts, we tackle each of these three key considerations (production speed, project size, and compatible materials) to show how the competition stacks up and what sort of results you can expect in your shop.

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